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Entrust your skin to Arte Viva Tattoo

Tell who you are in an indelible manner

The studio

Welcome to Arte Viva Tattoo, the tattoo and body piercing studio in Vicenza. Since 2010, our tattoo artists have been skillfully combining their passion for tattooing with art, creating true works of art tailored to the skin.

Our goal

At Arte Viva we are dedicated to creating unique, personalised tattoos and piercings that best represent your personality and tell your story. Trust our experience and let our talented artists transform your vision into a tangible masterpiece on your skin.

We exceed your expectations

Professionalism and safety

Arte Viva Tattoo is a tattoo and piercing studio in Vicenza that stands out for the safe and professional environment in which it operates. So whether you want to adorn your body with a piercing or express yourself with ink on your skin, it is good for you to know that our tattoo studios are ASL-certified and put health and hygiene first, strictly following all health and hygiene regulations to guarantee you a safe and risk-free experience.