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Guest Artists and Tattoo Styles

Thanks to the collaboration with talented artists working within our studio, we are able to offer a complete range of tattoo styles, as each tattoo artist specializes in specific techniques ensuring a variety of creative options for our clients, thus satisfying every artistic request.

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Realistic and Surrealistic

A wide range of shades and tones are used in this style of tattooing to create maximum realism in the image; shadows, light and contrasts are rendered with precision to give depth and three-dimensionality.

Cartoon and Dotwork

Various tattoo styles are listed in this category including: Sketch tattoo, Graphic, Cartoon and Dotwork. Cartoon style is inspired by the art of comics and cartoons, Graphic tattoos are based on design elements, abstract shapes and patterns, Sketch tattoos are the fusion of your idea brought to life by the artist's creativity and Dotwork style is characterised by the use of dots to create images and visual effects.

Lettering e small tattoo

The Lettering style focuses on the use of characters and lettering to create tattoos that express words, quotes or messages. Small tattoos are characterised by the use of fine, detailed lines to create small tattoos, characterised by precision and delicacy.

Traditional e New School

Traditional is an iconic form of tattooing characterised by thick black outlines and bright colours; this style embraces themes such as sailors, roses, skulls and traditional symbols. New school, on the other hand, is a more modern version, characterised by bright colours, bold strokes and a combination of styles inspired by the world of comics and illustrations.

Tribal and Ornamental

Tribal and Ornamental tattoos are identified with geometric patterns, lines and meaningful symbols. They can be executed in black and white or include colour gradients to create unique and detailed visual effects.


The Japanese tattoo style features motifs such as dragons, cherry blossoms, koi carp and samurai often depicted with bold details and vibrant colours.