Fabio Catanzaro

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My story

Since I was young I have cultivated a deep passion for different artistic expressions. After completing my diploma, I decided to embark on a course of study at a prestigious three-year design school. During these years, I was fortunate enough to thoroughly explore the art of tattoos as well as painting and graphic techniques, expanding my knowledge independently.


To hone my skills and fully immerse myself in the world of tattooing, I decided to undertake work experience at renowned Tattoo Shops in Barcelona. During these years spent in this city, I had the opportunity to learn from masters in the industry, thus enriching my experience in the field by improving my skills and developing a unique personal style.


“Art is the universal language of the soul, transforming colors and shapes into boundless emotions and inspirations”

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The achievement of my goals

The start of Arte Viva Tattoo

In 2010 I finally decided to turn my passion into a concrete business by opening Arte Viva Tattoo in Vicenza. My studio quickly established itself as a major destination for tattoo enthusiasts, offering a welcoming and professional environment in which to bring ideas to life.

Today Arte Viva Tattoo is the place where I can unleash my creativity by creating works of art that tell stories, express emotions, and make each individual unique.

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