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The best tattoo and body piercing studio in Vicenza

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Our studio

The studio has been the home of our art since 2010.

You will find artists who work in a precise and professional manner and who are able to fulfill every request to bring your ideas to life.

Arte Viva Tattoo is your guarantee.

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Tattoo and piercing studio in Vicenza

Our tattoos

Not sure which style to choose for your new tattoo? Thanks to the collaboration with our professional exponents of the various styles, Arte Viva Tattoo provides a personalized consultation service that allows us to understand which artist is best for your tattoo project. In our studio, we also perform cover-up tattoos and the restyling of old tattoos.

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The skin is the canvas where you can tell your story

In our studio the art of tattooing reaches new heights through six distinct styles, each imbued with meaning and symbolism, ready to find its home on your skin.

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Realistic and Surrealistic Tattoo

Capture the magic of reality and engrave it on your skin. Shades and shadows are the key to this style.

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Japanese Tattoo

Ocean waves, cherry blossoms, majestic dragons, oni and samurai make this tattoo style unique and fascinating.

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Traditional Tattoo

Bold lines and bright colours characterize this style which in the world of tattooing still remains an evergreen.

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Arte Viva's heart

Fabio Catanzaro is the founder and artist of Arte Viva Tattoo. A lover of art in all respects and an excellence in the style of realistic tattoos, Fabio brings to life your most extraordinary visions directly onto your skin.

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Expression of style and individuality

Arte Viva Tattoo body piercing

Are you looking for a piercer in Vicenza? Express yourself with a unique and distinctive style and rely on our professional piercer for high-quality microdermal and jewelry. Whatever type of piercing you wish to have, at Arte Viva Tattoo you will find only the best to embellish your body.

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Enhance your beauty

Permanent make-up in Vicenza

Arte Viva Tattoo, the tattoo and piercing studio in Vicenza is proud to present you our permanent make-up service. If you wish to emphasize your eyebrows with an impeccable look, give your lips volume and a touch of color, or if you wish to give your eyes a magnetic look, we are here to make your desires come true, guaranteeing surprising and long-lasting results.

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